Helping to make a positive difference to your family

during and after your lifetime

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How we are helping families

Improving your family’s relationships, financial wellbeing and happiness

We’re here to help you identify and best deal with your Family Elephant. We’ll give you the confidence to look at the whole family wealth picture, then start to make the necessary steps to really improve your situation.

We’ll help you create and implement a financial strategy, one that will enable you and the other generations of your family to protect and make the best use of your hard-earned wealth. We know this will result in improvements to the wellbeing of your family - and while families will always have their challenges, we will help you reduce the negative impact of your family elephant.

Don’t just carry on kicking the can down the road. There is another way. So let’s deal with it – together.

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James Dent Founder
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Our services

We can help with…

    • Wills

      With so many wills set up incorrectly, it’s important to understand why – and what to do about it. We’ll help you set up yours in way that’s right for both you and your family.

    • Powers of Attorney

      Not just for later life, we’ll help you use Powers of Attorney to maximise protection for you and your family, whatever your age.

    • Trusts

      We’ll help you understand the benefits of setting up a trust why it could be the best legal decision you ever make for your family.

    • Advanced health screening

      We all want a healthy long life, and there’s a limit to how the NHS can help. We can provide access to advanced screening, to proactively identify issues and enhance your life.

    • Information storage

      We’ll provide a secure online vault for you to store your important information in, making it much easier for your family/executors to access.

    • Family consultancy

      We're here to help with a myriad of family issues in a simple, logical way. Whether commons problems or ones unique to your family, we can make a positive difference.

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