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Meet James, Founder of The Family Elephant

James grew up in a family business. During his career he was involved with the Grant Thornton-sponsored Centre for Families and Business, and he came to the realisation that there is a greater need for family support than what most professionals provide for.

A lot of people deliver great technical/legal/investment advice in their 'silo', but there just isn’t someone to consider the overall family needs and ensure these various sources of support deliver a coherent strategic plan. It sparked an idea – one that has continued to grow ever since.


James’ professional background is as a Chartered Financial Planner based in Cheltenham. He’s been in the financial services industry for nearly 30 years, and his career has seen him take on both management and advice roles.

The Family Elephant is the result of many years spent developing ideas and practical applications. These solutions are all based around the desire to enable the generation with the most wealth to help their family, during and beyond their lifetimes, in a much more meaningful way.

James’ role centres on driving improvements, not just in creating a bespoke family wealth strategy, but also in their ability to communicate and their understanding of each other. He also works to support the other professional connections involved in his clients’ lives, including accountants, lawyers and financial planners.


James is married to Lydia – they knew each other originally back in their schooldays at Millfield school in Somerset. 34 years later they came to meet again, having both recently gone through divorces. Together, they have a large blended family and in the past few years have acquired three beautiful grandchildren.

James has had a lot of experience himself with the challenges of family dynamics, both in his own family and through working professionally with other families. He has seen first-hand the difficulties of talking about money and death. He’s passionate about the issue of The Family Elephant because it’s something so great – but despite being obvious, there is so little help available.

James sees a real opportunity to work with existing family professional advisers to create really meaningful family wealth strategies.

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