What is your family elephant?

The challenge

We’ve all heard of ‘the elephant in the room’ – things that are glaringly obvious that no one wants to talk about. When it comes to your family, what would you say they are? If money is the first thing that comes to mind, you’re not alone. Talking about money can be hard in any scenario, but when it’s in relation to family wealth it can be all the more complex.

How open is your family when it comes to talking about money? The older generation especially may find the issue of wealth difficult to discuss, particularly when their own parents never talked about it themselves.

So it gets pushed aside and avoided – and in its absence issues arise. Miscommunications happen. Things get tough. You might wonder if there’s even anywhere you can turn for help.

The support gap

The truth is that there’s a huge lack of support for families in this area. Professional advice often includes things like legal help, tax advice and investment planning, but the issue of the Family Elephant – the bigger picture – is ignored. When it comes to that, you’re usually on your own. But not anymore.

The solution

The good news is that every situation can be improved - even yours. And that’s what we’re here to help with. We’re here to help you realise you’re not alone, help you feel the fear, then actively take steps to do something about it. Our specialist help will give you a straightforward and logical process to get you and your family to a far better place. We’re typically asked to help make a real difference in two areas:


Understanding your family’s financial circumstances is vital to helping create a meaningful wealth strategy that benefits those who matter. We help families gain clarity over this.


Money is an emotive subject! We can help you and your family effectively communicate on issues connected to money, without conflict or misunderstanding.

Let’s shrink your elephant

We work with all kinds of families to help them deal with their Family Elephant and come out stronger on the other side. Find out more about who we help and how.

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