How we are helping families

Who we work with

We often find that one person from within the family comes to us for help. This person tends to be from the ‘sandwich generation’; they have parents advancing in years and a younger generation in, or moving towards, adulthood. Talking about money is tough, uncomfortable and often avoided.

But one generation needs to seek the necessary help, and start to build a healthy approach to how the family handles the issue of money. Because the truth is that we can't keep putting things off because they're not easy, and the problems caused by delays are far worse than the difficulties of dealing with things now. We at The Family Elephant are ready to work with you.

The senior generation
  • "My health is deteriorating"
  • "I’m losing my independence"
  • "I feel forgotten"
  • "I’ve got too much time to think!"
The sandwich generation
  • "I feel caught in the middle"
  • "I’m worried about my parents’ health"
  • "I have to support everyone financially"
  • "Life and work is just too busy"
The younger generation
  • "I need things to happen now"
  • "How can I get on the property ladder?"
  • "My mental health is suffering"
  • "How do I start out on my own?"
The youngest generation
  • "Where is the best school for them?"
  • "Could their parents benefit from some help with childcare costs?"
  • "Do they have enough time with their grandparents?"
  • The senior generation
  • The Younger generation
  • The Youngest generation

What we’ll do

We’ll provide a logical, pragmatic process designed to help your family in the ways you need it most. Starting with an initial chat (and a tea or coffee!) we’ll explore what your particular family situation is and identify what ‘good’ looks like for you. We’ll then work out a step-by-step strategy for achieving it, working alongside other professionals whenever necessary.

It will involve bravery

The truth is that it’s not easy, and it will require some patience and determination. Trust that with our support, it is possible to reduce the impact of your Family Elephant to something far more manageable. This is something that will be really rewarding, and you'll be so pleased that you've finally dealt with it!

How we’ll help you

We know that we’re in a unique position to provide the specialist help you’ve needed but not known where to find. That help is all about making positive changes to your family. Things like:

  • Improving communication
  • Understanding each other better
  • Knowing you have a great family wealth strategy
  • Having a common purpose to unite the family
  • Fewer sleepless nights spent worrying
  • Making better use of your family wealth
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