Why us

Many people work with professionals who help them with tax issues, legal problems, investment management etc. Many of these may do a great job in their area of expertise but who is dealing with your Family Elephant? You'll be glad you've found us.

Common challenges that families face (and often ignore!)

  • Does my Will actually deliver what my family really needs?
  • Where is my family wealth strategy document and what does it say?
  • What number will my next generation be writing on the cheque to HMRC, when my partner and I are no longer around?
  • How do we help each family member get on board with sorting this?
  • When I die, how well organised and communicated will my documentation be? How will people know where these things are? Will it be a total mess for my grieving family to deal with?
  • What currently happens to my wealth if my partner were to remarry 6 years after I die? What if they then get divorced, or have new priorities – how safeguarded is my wealth then?

Do any of these questions sound familiar? If you don’t know the answer to one or all of these questions, trust us when we say you’re not alone. The good news is that we can help you get things sorted - and none of it is rocket science!

Family dynamics? We get it

Having been involved in family business consultancy earlier in his career, our founder James was keen to understand more about family dynamics in isolation. He went on to study a Family Therapy course at Bristol University, and the rest is history! We’re also no strangers to the highs, lows and challenges of family life, so don’t worry about opening up to us.

We’ve got really great people on board

And we’re not just talking about ourselves! We work with some of the very best professionals in the business, each one of them best placed to help build and implement a brilliant plan that whole families will engage with and support. From lawyers to family therapists to medical professionals, you can be reassured that we’ve got all bases covered.

It’s our passion – seriously

This is something that’s been burning in our soul for a long time, so to speak. We see that families are still not getting the support they need after years and years spent in emotional turmoil, and that’s something that deeply matters to us. But most importantly, we believe we can do something to change that, and change things for the better.

James is a Chartered Financial Planner

It’s not front and centre to what we do, but it’s worth mentioning that James has been a financial planner for nearly 30 years. He gets what it means to nurture relationships, and he also understands that financial solutions don’t always fix emotional problems! He can work in harmony with your existing financial adviser, if you have one, to ensure a smooth process.

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